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Getting Started

Getting started in the Donkey Cheese business might be daunting, but it's worth the effort. Think of the money, fame and power that will be yours once you've mastered this craft.

Finding the Right Kind of Donkeys

It's hard to find the right kind of donkeys when you don't live in Serbia, but with some perseverance and know-how, it is possible to locate good donkeys outside of the Balkans. 

Cheesemaking Basics

Heating the Milk

Put the milk in a large pot and heat it on the stove. This may take some time. Have a thermometer at hand so that you can check the temperature of the milk. 

Adding Cultures and Rennet

When it's time to add the cultures and rennet, pour them in! This works like a charm.

Dealing with Curds and Whey

The best thing to keep in mind here is not to sit next to spiders, especially if you're seated on a tuffet. (It's a footstool....look it up!)

Adding Colorants and Additives

Adding colorants and additives is much like adding cultures and rennet. In fact, it's exactly the same: pour them on in!