AE 868
Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Summary and Final Tasks


Let's go back to our scenario from the beginning of this lesson. You go to the next general meeting for the new solar department lead position. Now that you are loaded with the right information about the solar market, you can easily suggest investing in the PV technology. Furthermore, you realize that depending on the market segment and the size of the utility company you work for, you may suggest considering Utility scale PV systems for large electricity generation. In addition, you are now fully equipped with knowledge and can suggest the industry sector your company can represent within the solar industry.

Even if you decide to start a small solar business, you may consider Residential or Non-residential PV installations or both. Having a design and installation team can help you tap into the right solar industry sector you wish to be part of.

The next lesson will introduce the building block to any PV system, which is the PV "module." We will cover a variety of topics from basic characteristics to factors that affect the performance of PV modules, and finally, the required tests and standards for approved PV module installations.

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