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Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Lesson 6 Discussion

Lesson 6 Discussion
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We talked in class about sizing processes for both grid-connected and stand-alone PV systems. However, based on the Lesson 1 Discussion, we learned that PV systems classification can include a more specific market sector such as:
  1. Solar installation for rural off-grid application
  2. Residential rooftop for grid-tied application
  3. Utility Scale PV installations
  4. Shared solar for communities
In this lesson, we ask our solar professionals to discuss how sizing processes might vary for different market sectors.

Discuss why there might be specific sizing considerations for one of the options. Support your discussion with facts (you may research the same solar installation example you selected for the Lesson 1 Discussion).

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Respond to two different opinions of others' posts. (For example, if you choose Option 1, you need to respond to one post for Option 2 and another post for Option 3 or 4.)
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