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Quick Facts about AERSP 880


Susan W. Stewart, Senior Research Associate and Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University.


Susan W. Stewart, Department of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, Penn State University.


AERSP 880 provides a detailed understanding of the wind turbine as a system, broken down component by component. Students will gain an understanding of the interconnected design elements of a modern horizontal axis wind turbine and how their design relates to their site specific implementation. Topics covered will include an overview of the wind industry, the wind as a resource, an introduction to the aerodynamic design limits of horizontal axis wind turbines, overview of the wind turbine design evolution over the last century, conceptual design of a modern horizontal axis wind turbine, turbine design standards, component design details including the drivetrain and structural elements, and finally an overview of the supervisory control and data acquisition & health monitoring of wind turbines.


  • Lesson 1: Wind Industry Overview
  • Lesson 2: The Wind Resource
  • Lesson 3: Wind Turbine Design Evolution
  • Lesson 4: Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • Lesson 5: Generator & DrivetrainLesson 6: Structural Elements
  • Lesson 6: Structural Elements
  • Lesson 7: Turbine Design Standards
  • Lesson 8: Offshore Wind Technology
  • Lesson 9: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition