Planets, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Additional Resources


As you might imagine, there is a wealth of resources on planets and the Solar System, including a number of excellent activity guides for use in the classroom. A sample of some is below:

  1. The overall home of NASA's Mars Exploration Program has all the information on this planet that you are likely to want. The Mars education resource page that existed here once upon a time seems to have disappeared, but ASU still maintains a set of Mars STEM lesson plans
  2. Saturn has its own similar site at the Cassini Solstice Mission site. After the end of the Cassini mission, it appears that they moved many of the Cassini Saturn education resources to JPL.
  3. You can search the directory and contact a NASA Solar System Ambassador in your area to do a program at your school.
  4. Other NASA Solar System Missions include:
    1. The New Horizons Mission is on its way to a distant Kuiper Belt Object after leaving Pluto, and they have resources for teachers about Pluto.
    2. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter studied the Moon, and they have resources for teachers about the Moon.