Planets, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Lab 3, Part 1



It is difficult to overestimate the impact that the Hubble Deep Field (HDF) image had on astronomy in the mid-1990s. Although astronomers had undertaken observations with similar goals prior to the release of the HDF, when it was new, it provided a wealth of data on galaxies that allowed astronomers to address a number of unsolved questions about the galaxies in the Universe. There is an excellent lab on the HDF available at Hubble's Amazing Space website, and that is the lab we are going to complete during Unit 3.


NOTE: You will be submitting this lab as a single document that is in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) format so I can open it.

You will be downloading a PDF file from Hubblesite which contains the questions that I would like you to answer. You will only be answering a few of them though, so you should be able to copy and paste the questions from the PDF document into your own Word doc or other word processor of your choice.

  1. Go to the Hubble Deep Field Academy at Hubblesite.
  2. Click on "Orientation," and complete the orientation. It is written for middle school students, so you only need to read and watch as much of the orientation as you want. Much of it may be a review for you.
  3. Return to the first page and click on "Stellar Statistician."
  4. On page 1, click on the link to "Full HAL" to download that document. Record your answers to the questions I indicate below from the Full HAL document in your lab document.
  5. Answer the online questions as you progress through the online lab.
  6. Record your answer to the question for Level 1 from the Full HAL in your lab document.
  7. Next, begin the "Cosmic Classifier" section, and complete all of the questions online in that section.
  8. In your lab document, record your answer for Level 2, Part I, Question 3 from the Full HAL: "If applicable, give two reasons why you think you and the astronomers disagreed."

    NOTE: While you do need to complete the questions in the online lab as you progress, you only have to record your answers and submit the two questions from the Full HAL that are listed here. You are welcome to answer the others for your own benefit, if you like.

  9. Save your work, as we'll continue this in Lab 3, Part 2 (Lesson 10)!