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Plants near, bordering, or within protected or high biodiversity areas
Company and Plant Location Type of Activity Surface (min m2) IUCN Red List species and national conservation list species present Investment (€) Description of Activities Implemented to Protect or Restore External Check on Restoration

Position in Relation to Protected Area

FGA Verrone (Italy) Production of transmissions and parts 1.8

44 species listed:

  • 0 Critically endangered
  • 2 Endangered
  • 2 Vulnerable
  • 2 Near Threatened
  • 38 Least Concern
58,000 Preservation of the natural habitats and designated Community interest (Habitats Directive 92/43/EC) to ensure suitable conditions for the species in danger of extinction; Containment activities of shrub species; Restoration of moorland and fire protection paths (approximately 250,000 m2); Processing of new biennial FGBVI index; Biophilia activities conducted for elementary school students from surrounding towns; Placement of nests. Y The protected area is in the plant area