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Capstone: Google Earth Tour


Capstone: Google Earth Tour


It is time to prepare your kmz file to submit. Here's what you need to make sure you have done:

The Tour

  1. You must record all of your scripts. We advise you to use Screencast-O-Matic, free software you can download.
  2. Record your screen or yourself reading the script.
  3. Once you have your scripts recorded in Screencast, save them to a YouTube channel:
Click here for a transcript of the How To Make A YouTube Channel! (2019 Beginners Guide) video.

PRESENTER: How's it going, everybody? This is Croat. And in this video, I'm going to be showing you guys how to make your very own YouTube channel on YouTube for 2016. This is going to be a basic video and a tutorial to help you guys out and everything that you need to know.

So when you guys are on YouTube, you guys are going to notice there is no sign-up button. You're gonna have to go and click on Sign In instead and click on Create Account right here.

Now from here, you guys are gonna click on, I would like a new Gmail address. Now, go ahead and enter your name and enter in a Google username. So this username will be your email, so go ahead and put whatever you want. I'm gonna put CroatCode Channel.

And then go ahead and put your password, your birthday, your gender. Sometimes you might have to put in your phone number if Google asks you. But for me, they did not ask.

So go ahead and click on Create Account when you're done, and there you guys go. Your new email address is Continue to YouTube.

Now once you guys are on YouTube, you guys are gonna go ahead, and on the top right corner of your screen, click that and click Creator Studio. This is where you control everything you do. Click on Create a Channel, right here. Now from here, click on Use a business or other name. Do not click Create Channel. Click this button instead.

Now, where it says name a channel, go ahead name it to whatever you guys want. I'm to go ahead and put CroatCodeGames. And then where it says Select a Category, it doesn't matter what you pick. You could put whatever. I'm going to put arts, entertainment, or sports. Click I Agree and Done, and there you go.

Now what you guys are going to do is go ahead and check out your channel. So click on the dashboard right here. On the dashboard, you can see how much views and how much subscribers you guys get and all this cool other stuff.

Now go ahead and click on View Channel underneath your name. From here, you're going to go ahead and put some channel art. Click on Add Channel Art. And if you guys click on Gallery, you guys can see preselects of banners you guys can put.

You can also upload your own. So go on Upload photos, select a photo from your computer, and find your banner. If you guys want to know on a tutorial on how to make a banner and logo, go ahead and click the annotation on a screen. It's going to teach you guys on how to make your very own channel art.

Now do the same thing for the logo. Click the little pencil and click Edit, and it will take you guys to Google Plus. From here, you guys are going to go ahead and click on Select a Photo From Your Computer, click that button, find your logo, click Open. And from here, all you guys gotta do is just go ahead and adjust your crop. Once you adjust it, go ahead and click on Set as Profile Picture.

Now, when you guys set it as a profile picture, it could take up to an hour or two for it to show on YouTube. Sometimes you guys gotta wait. But if you refresh your page, you guys can see that my logo and banner's there. Now, if you guys want to upload a video, click on Upload button, right here.

Once you guys got that done, you're going to see a little arrow on top where it says, Select File to Upload. Just click that button and find whatever video you guys want to upload. I have some GTA 5 gameplays, so this is my video example.

Now, you guys just title it whatever you want. A basic title I'm going to put is "GTA 5, Jumping Off a Helicopter."

Now add a description to your video. Again, you guys can put whatever you want, but try to make your description look a little bit appealing. This is some Grand Theft Auto 5, jumping off of helicopters. Subscribe for more.

Now on Tags, put tags that are relevant to your video. For example, Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto V, GTA 5, game play, and then helicopter. Whatever is relevant to your video.

Now, don't spam a lot of tags. Only use necessary ones. The more tags you put doesn't mean the more views you get.

Click on Publish. And now you guys are gonna go ahead and just wait for it to process. If you guys go back to Creator Studio and you guys click on your video, you might notice that it's going to say this video is processing. Check back later.

Just give it a couple of minutes or seconds, and refresh it later on. And as you guys can see, there you go. Here's my video, and it's good to go. That's basically that.

Now I'm going to show you guys one thing. Go ahead and click on Video Manager. And once you guys got that done, go ahead and click on Edit.

From here, you guys can pick your own thumbnails for your videos, if you guys are wondering. You guys can also set a custom thumbnail. But to do that, you guys got to find a partnership network, which I'll explain later on a different video for you guys.

Now, if you click on Community, here it will show you guys comments on your videos, messages from other YouTubers, Channel. You guys can see here, on community guidelines, the copyright, you're in good standing.

If you guys upload bad copyright, you guys can get striked. So make sure you guys don't upload videos that are not yours. I also recommend you guys verify your channel so you can upload longer than 15 minutes. It really helps Google know that you're a legit YouTuber.

Now, if you guys go down, you guys can see on analytics, when you click this, this is going to tell you how much views, how much subscribers you're making today, as long as how much money as well. You can make money on YouTube and I'll make a video on that on my next video on showing you guys that.

But that's basically it. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I'll see you next time.

Credit: CroatCode
  1. Once you have the recordings on YouTube, making a “tour” is really easy. See the video below.

    Click here for transcript of Recording #6-1.

    TIM BRALOWER: Hi, everybody. I'm going to show you how to place three placemarks. Each link to a recording on your YouTube channel that you've already made, the three recordings. But in your case, remember, you're going to be doing six placements and six recordings, all right?

    So first of all, I'm going to take a placemark from up here, and I'm going to move it to its location first. In my case, it's New York. Then I'm going to go New York up here, capstone one.

    And then in this box, I'm going to add the link, and my link is in my YouTube channel, which is up here. I'm going to go recording number one, get shareable link. It's already copied to a clipboard. And I go back and I just go paste, and there's my first one. That placemark will link directly to your YouTube channel, all right?

    So I need to add a second one, which in my case is going to be New Orleans. Move it to its location. Go NOLA, Capstone two.

    And I'm going to place it in here. Go to recording number two. Get sharable link. Back to Google Earth. Paste the link in there.

    And then do one more. In my case, it's going to be Miami. Move it to its location. And go to Miami capstone three.

    And remember, before I close it, I need to get my link from my YouTube channel. In my case it's number three. Get sharable link. Back to Google Earth, and paste it in here. All right. So all three of those will be linked to my YouTube channel recordings.

    All right. So here's the tricky part. So now, what you want to do is make a folder.

    And in my case, what I'm going to do is, in the Macintosh, I'm just going to go control and click in here. Add folder, OK, and I'm going to call it Bralower Capstone. And I'm going to go like that.

    And then I'm going to grab my three locations and move it into my folder, like that. So it's now in here. And I'm going to go File, Save, Place as Bralower Capstone. Let's just call it final, because I've done this several times, making sure I get it right. All right?

    And now I'm going to open it. In the folder will be in my three locations. Double click on that, I can get my three locations. See? That will be saved. So I can turn them all on and off like that.

    And let's see. I'm just trying to think how I can test it out for you, to show you that it works.

    Let's open it again. Open Bralower Capstone. Bingo there they go. All right?

    I promise you this will work. So then all you need to do then is click on it and you get your YouTube video, all right?

    So that'll work. And let me know if you have any problems.

    The main essence of this is, remember, you do six, each linked to your recording on your YouTube channel. And you need to make sure that you save it as a folder, because if you don't save it as a folder, you won't save all of your videos. You just save the last one you've done or the one that's outlined or highlighted, all right?

    That will work for you. Take care.

    Credit: ​Dutton Institute
  2. Put your name somewhere in the file (i.e. Bralower-Capstone tour.kmz).

  3. Submit your kmz file to Capstone: Google Earth Tour (Dropbox).

Grading Rubric

Grading Rubric
Assessment Criteria Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Unacceptable
kmz file functions and tour is audible 10 8 6 4 2