Summative Assessment



After completing your Summative Assessment, don't forget to take the Module 10 Quiz. If you didn't answer the Learning Checkpoint questions, take a few minutes to complete them now. They will help your study for the quiz and you may even see a few of those question on the quiz!

Modeling the Economics of Climate Change Activity

The global climate system and the global economic system are intertwined — warming will entail costs that will burden the economy, there are costs associated with reducing carbon emissions, and policy decisions about regulating emissions will affect the climate. In the language of systems thinking, this means that there are important feedback mechanisms in this system — a change in the economics realm will affect the climate realm, which will then influence the economics realm. These interconnections make for a complicated system — one that is difficult to predict and understand — thus the need for a model to help us make sense of how these interconnections might work out. In this activity, we’ll do some experiments with a model (a modified version of Nordhaus' DICE model mentioned earlier in this module) that will help us do a kind of informal cost-benefit analysis of emissions reductions and climate change. As with the other STELLA-based exercises you've done, this one will help you develop your abilities as a systems thinker.


Read the activity text (the DICE Model link below — also on the worksheet you download below) and then run the experiment using the directions given worksheet. As before, there is a practice version, with answers on the worksheet, and a graded version. Once you have completed the graded version and entered your answers on the worksheet, go to the Summative Assessments Submission Forms area under Module 10 and select Module 10 Assessment: Graded to enter your answers.

Files to Download

Download worksheet to use when submitting your assignment

Submitting Your Assessment

Once you have answered all of the questions on the worksheet, log into Canvas and go to the Summative Assessments Submission Forms area under Module 10 and select Module 10 Summative Assessment: Graded. The questions listed in the worksheet will be repeated as a Canvas Assessment. So all you will have to do is read the question and select the answer that you have on your worksheet. You should not need much time to submit your answers since all of the work should be done prior to logging into Canvas. The assessment is timed. You will have 40 minutes to complete it.

Grading and Rubric

Scoring Information
Item Possible Points
Questions 1-8 1 point
Questions 9-10 3 points