Goals and Objectives



  • Students will analyze worldwide examples of coastal communities that face coastal hazards.
  • Students will examine the responses by communities to these hazards.
  • Students will weigh the options for the future for vulnerable coastal communities.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, students should be able to:

  • analyze case studies of experiences of coastal communities that have been affected by both catastrophic coastal events and longer-term sea level rise effects;
  • explore the extent of real-life impacts to and responses by coastal communities to the challenges posed by storms and sea level change;
  • consider and develop future scenarios for coastal communities.

Module 6 Roadmap

Assignment Location
Module 6 Roadmap
To Read/View/Listen In addition to reading all of the required materials here on the course website, before you begin working through this module, please read the following required readings to make sure you are familiar with the content so you can complete the assignments.

Extra readings are clearly noted throughout the module and can be pursued as your time and interest allows.

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