Coastal Processes, Hazards, and Society

Module 9 Lab


Module 9 Lab


The objective of this Lab is to explore a low profile coastal area in Louisiana and use tools in Google Earth to measure the slope and evaluate the protective potential of the coastal wetlands and man-made levees separating the coastal communities from the Gulf of Mexico

For this Lab, you will be using Google Earth to explore the coastal area of Isle de Jean Charles and use data from a storm surge model to analyze the potential impacts of storm surges on this and nearby communities. You will consider the protective functions of the coastal marshes as well as the new hurricane levee that is designed to protect some communities but not Isle de Jean Charles.

Required Reading

Be sure you have read the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Morganza to the Gulf - Fact Sheet located on the Module 9 Roadmap. 

Lab Overview

After you thoroughly read the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fact sheet about the Morganza to the Gulf levee project (mentioned above), follow the steps in the Module 9 Lab Worksheet below.



Before you begin the Lab, you will need to download the Lab worksheet. We advise you to either print or download/save the Lab worksheet, as it contains the steps you need to take to complete the Lab in Google Earth. In addition, it contains prompts for questions that you should take note of (by writing down or typing in) as you work through the Lab.

Once you have worked through all of the steps, you will go to the Module 9 Lab. to complete the Lab by answering multiple-choice questions. The answers to questions on this Lab worksheet will match choices in the multiple-choice questions. Submit the quiz for credit.