Coastal Processes, Hazards, and Society

Module 3 Lab


Module 3 Lab


The objective of this lab is to examine the dynamics of a sandy shoreline. Two types of data will be explored: shoreline erosion using Google Earth timeline and shoreline elevation change data produced from elevation profiles. These two types of data yield a great deal of information about the dynamics of a sandy, wave-dominated shoreline and reveal trends in erosion and deposition of sediment.


Module 3 Lab Worksheet


Before you begin the Lab, you will need to download the Lab worksheet. We advise you to either print or download/save the Lab worksheet, as it contains the steps you need to take to complete the Lab in Google Earth. In addition, it contains prompts for questions that you should take note of (by writing down or typing in) as you work through the Lab.

Once you have worked through all of the steps and answered the questions, you will go to the Module 3 Lab (Quiz) to complete the Lab by answering multiple-choice questions in a quiz format. The answers to questions on this Lab worksheet will match choices in the multiple-choice questions. Submit the quiz for credit.