Case Studies


In this section, you will read about a number of case studies from around the world and in the U.S. These will demonstrate the wide variety of scenarios of coastal risks that exist and investigate some of the responses by the citizens of the affected communities.


Analyze vignettes of experiences of those living in coastal communities, such as those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan, Super Storm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, and other recent catastrophic coastal events, as well as longer-term sea level rise effects.


Each of these locations has ongoing challenges related to sea level rise and other coastal hazards. Each location has also experienced major storm surge events that have caused property damage and displacement of residents since 2004.

You will examine these places considering the ways in which the residents’ lives are impacted, how the economy of the city or region is affected, and measures taken in recovery and increased resilience with future events or increasing risks in mind.

You will explore several different coastal communities in the case studies that follow. Section A provides world-wide examples and Section B provides information on communities in the United States.

You will then take the information gathered about all of the locations covered in the module and consider questions of longer term sustainability such as, "Should coastal communities rebuild or retreat in the face of coastal hazards?" Your reflections on questions about the futures of coastal communities will be part of the Module 6 Graded Discussion.

Don't Forget!

As you work through these materials, be sure to make time to make notes on relevant topics for your chosen Capstone city on the Capstone Project Stage 2 worksheet (located in Module 4 in Canvas). You will find these notes valuable later as we reach the culminating activities of the course.

To get started, click Section A: World-Wide Examples, below.