Coastal Processes, Hazards, and Society

Goals and Objectives


Goals and Objectives


  • Students will gain an understanding of how plate tectonics plays a first-order control on the characteristics of a coast and how other processes such as glaciation, climate, sediment supply, waves, and tides also influence the characteristics of a coast.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for the geomorphologic diversity of coastal zones.
  • Students will gain an understanding of the differences between emergent and submergent coasts, depositional and erosional coasts, as well as how hydrodynamic regime exerts a strong control on the geomorphology of the coast.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, students should be able to:

  • examine and show, using Google Earth, the global diversity of coastal zones;
  • identify the plate tectonic setting of a coastal zone based on geographic location relative to major tectonic boundaries;
  • identify and be able to describe the second-order processes that can act on coastal zones;
  • integrate knowledge of coastal geomorphology and understanding of coastal processes to identify the types of processes that create specific coastal geomorphologies;
  • evaluate the history of a coast on the basis of the coastal geomorphology.

Module 2 Roadmap

Module 2 Roadmap
-- Assignment
To Read

In addition to reading all of the required materials, before you begin working through this module, please read the following required article to make sure you are familiar with the content, so you can complete the assignments.

  • Plate Tectonic Theory (This reading will provide fundamental geologic knowledge that you will need to have for the entire course.)

Extra readings are clearly noted throughout the module and can be pursued as your time and interest allow.

To Do
  • Complete Module 2 Lab.
  • Take the Module 2 Quiz.
  • Submit Stage 1 of the Capstone Project.
  • Begin work on Capstone Project Stage 2.


If you have any questions, please use the Canvas email tool to contact the instructor.