Formative Assessment 1: The Nile's Sinking Future



In 100-150 words, you are expected to express a succinct, informed response to the question, based on the module content and assigned readings. In most cases there will be no specific correct answer, but your stated position must be supported.


Read the assigned news article from Science linked below. Outline the tradeoffs (benefits vs. negative impacts) of having had the Aswan High Dam in Egypt. Consider economic costs and benefits, effects on the health of humans and the environment, impacts on indigenous cultures, and potential risks. Supplement your argument with additional examples from the course materials.  No web-based encyclopedias please.


Read or download the PDF of J. Bohannon (2010). "The Nile Delta's Sinking Future". Science 327: 1444-1447. DOI:10.1126/science.327.5972.1444


There is no worksheet for this assignment. This assignment is an essay.

Submitting Your Assignment

Bring your typed and printed answers to class. If you are taking this class online, submit your completed assignment to the dropbox in Canvas.

Scoring and Rubric

Each answer will earn a maximum of 25 points, as described in the rubric below.

Work Shown Possible Points
Provides a well-reasoned response to the question posed 10
Uses correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure 5
Includes one or more references to specific materials in Module or assigned reading 5
Appropriate length (100-150 words) 5