Formative Assessment 1: Aquifers



Answer each question in 2-3 complete sentences. Consider each question carefully and be sure to provide a complete answer.


Diagram showing layered system described in caption.
Schematic cross sectional diagram showing layered system with an upper unconfined aquifer above a confining unit, and underlain by a confined aquifer. Note the water level in the two wells: In the unconfined aquifer the water level in the well is the same as the height of the water table. In the confined aquifer, the water level is higher than the top of the aquifer – indicating that the aquifer is fully saturated and that the water is under pressure.
  1. Are either of the wells in the figure above artesian? How can you tell?
  2. Would you expect an artesian well in an unconfined aquifer? Why or why not?


There is no worksheet for this assignment. The assignment is a writing assignment.

Grading and Rubric

Each answer will earn a maximum of 5 points, as described in the rubric below.

Work Shown Possible Points
Answer reflects careful consideration of the questions 2
Answer is appropriate in length 1
Answer is legible 1
Answer given in complete sentences; correct spelling and grammar 1

Submitting your Answers

Bring your written answers to class. If they are hand-written, be sure your writing is legible. If your handwriting is not clear, please type and print your answers.