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New Madrid Seismic Network Catalog Directions


Instructions for creating your own earthquake catalog from the New Madrid Seismic Network

Go to the New Madrid Earthquake Catalog

  1. Enter times so that you get a full year of data. Which year you pick is not so important to me, as long as it is a full year. For example, if you wanted to make a catalog that spans 2018, you'd fill in 2018 into the box for Start Date Year, and 2019 into the box for End Date Year, and leave the other boxes in this section alone.
  2. Leave the Magnitude Range alone. The defaults are fine.
  3. We will do a Lat-Lon Box Search with the following parameters: Lat min = 34, Lat max = 39, Lon min = -92, Lon max = -87. The longitudes should be entered as negative numbers since we are in the Western hemisphere.
  4. Click the BEGIN SEARCH button

Download your catalog

Now you will be taken to a page titled Catalog Search Results. From here you will want to click the link to "View or Download Catalog Search Results." This will bring up a plain text file that you can save to your own computer somewhere that you can find it later.

Make your map

Once you have downloaded that file, hit the back button on your browser to return to the Catalog Search Results page. Choose any of the options you want and then hit the button that says "Generate Map." You will be taken to a page with a map of the earthquakes in your catalog. Save this map by right-clicking the image (control-click on a Mac), or taking a screenshot of it.