Controversies in the Earth Sciences

Using the Penn State Library


Just like on-campus students, as a Penn State student you have a wealth of library resources available to you!

You can...

  • search for journal articles (many are even immediately available in full-text)
  • request articles that aren't available in full-text and have them delivered electronically
  • borrow books and other materials and have them delivered to your doorstep
  • access materials that I have put on Electronic Reserve
  • talk to reference librarians in real time using chat, phone, and e-mail
  • ...and much more!

Accessing the articles we'll discuss in this course

Where possible, I have made links directly to the pdf files of the published articles that make up the required reading for this course. They are linked from the Canvas discussion boards instead of from the course content because the articles are copyrighted and only registered students get direct access to them.

Accessing Library e-reserves for this course

For optional readings, you can access the articles via library e-reserves. To get there, click the "PSU Library" link in the Resources drop-down menu of this website. You will be taken to the home page for Penn State's Libraries. Click "Course reserves" in the box that says "Start Here". Then, type Earth 501 in the space that says "Search For:" and click the button that says "By Course Number."