Plate Tectonics and People

What is your Solid Earth Science Background?

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<h3>Pre-instructional Quiz</h3>
<p>Go to Canvas and take the Lesson 1 - Pre-instructional quiz, located in <em>Module One: Pre-instructional Activities</em></p>
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<h4>Submitting your work</h4>
<p>The quiz is entirely self-contained in Canvas. When you click on the <em>Submit</em> button at the bottom of your quiz, it will be shared with me.</p>
<h3>Grading criteria</h3>
<p>This quiz is NOT graded for accuracy, only for participation. I just want to get a sense of your Earth science background relevant to the lessons we'll cover in this course. I will provide feedback about incorrect answers, though. Don't worry if Canvas gives you a bad grade because I will go in manually and override it. This also means there's no reason to take the quiz more than once. Just read the feedback and move on.</p>