Essentials of Oceanography

Activity 2


Activity 2: The "Habitable Zone" Discussion Experience


 The Goldilocks Principle: three bowls, small medium and large. The middle one is starred and beneath are the words "everything was just right!"

During the next week, prepare a 250-word or so discussion posting for each of these 3 topic questions in the lesson introductions.

  1. What are the essential elements of a “habitable zone” for life and why is each important?
  2. From where could Earth’s water have originated and what is the evidence in support of the origin(s)?
  3. Why are there oceans on Earth and not now on Mars or Venus?

Your posting should provide a sense of the significance of and controversy surrounding each of the questions and evidence for or against key hypotheses. Your posting should be written for a non-scientist but communicate the flavor of debate, type of evidence and how it is used, etc.

Submitting your work

  1. Enter the "Lesson 1, Activity 2" discussion forum in Canvas.
  2. Post your discussion on the 3 questions outlined in the introductory material and covered in readings.
  3. Read the postings by other EARTH 540 students
  4. Respond to at least one other posting by asking for clarification, asking a follow-up question, expanding on what has already been said, etc.

Grading criteria

You will be graded on the quality of your participation. See the grading rubric for additional information.