Essentials of Oceanography

Getting to Know You


Now that you've had a chance to learn about the course and the online learning environment, I'd like to get to know you...and help you get to know each other! Complete the activities below, then continue with the remainder of the Course Orientation.


What you need to do...

  1. Introduce yourself and meet the rest of the class!

    We will use a discussion forum in Canvas to post, and read, self-introductions. To access the discussion forum:

    • Go to Canvas (using the link above)
    • Click on the Discussions link
    • Select the "Personal Introductions" discussion
    • Post a new message containing your personal introduction: I've done an example, you can follow that or tell us something else about yourself. For example:
      • Who are you?  Where are you?
      • What do you do when you are not taking this class?
      • What grade levels and which sciences courses have you taught prior to now?
      • Describe your school. If you do not teach at a school, describe what you do when you are not working on this course.
      • What subfields of Earth science interest you the most? What subfields do you think interest your students the most?
      • What is your interest in this course?
    • View other students' postings to learn more about them.
    • Respond to the postings of a few other students.
    Need more help using discussion forums? Review the Canvas discussion forum directions and review the course discussion rubric here!