EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Summary and Final Tasks


Summary and Final Tasks

In this lesson, the objectives of the national strategies of the allies relating to oil and how they drove the allies to the Middle East after WWI were discussed. In particular, we focused on understanding how Calouste Gulbenkian helped to open up oil concessions in Mesopotamia and the old Ottoman Empire through the Turkish Petroleum Company and the Red Line Agreement. We also discussed how the imbalance in supply and demand caused by the growth in cars (transportation/mobility) and the proliferation of gas stations led to an inelastic demand for oil and sharp increases in the price of oil. The corrupt influence of oil money on politicians and oil industry leaders was exposed through the Teapot Dome and associated kickback scandals. Finally, the tensions over stability of concessions and sovereignty of oil rights and how they led in some cases to revolutions and political unrest in Mexico, Venezuela, and the Soviet Union were discussed.

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