EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Summary and Final Tasks



In this lesson, you learned of the debate on who was entitled to the oil economic "rents" (the oil companies, producing countries, or consuming countries) and the differences in strategies adopted by and the outcomes for Venezuela and Mexico. We also discussed how the American independents helped to open up oil production in the Saudi-Kuwait Neutral Zone, and how the 50-50 agreement in Venezuela found its way to the Middle East. The Shah's troubles in Iran that led to his removal and the nationalization of Anglo-Iranian, its after effects, and the coup that returned the Shah back to power and the "new and disguised" oil consortium that replaced Anglo-Iranian were also discussed. The contradictory and schizophrenic US policy during this period became obvious. Finally, we shifted focus and ended the lesson with Nasser and the Suez Canal Crisis and the after effects. In particular, oil transportation vulnerability became evident and led to alternatives to the Suez.

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