EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Summary and Final Tasks


This lesson began with a focus on the 4th Arab-Israeli war, the use of the oil weapon, and its devastating consequences, including the tightening market condition and how it led to increased market prices. The impact of the OPEC production cuts and the oil embargo on consumers and nations, including the panic at the pump, the “equal suffering and equal misery,”  and the strain in the Western alliance were all discussed. The potential impact of the Watergate event on US policies and actions/inactions were also presented.  We also reviewed OPEC’s golden age, how, for the first time, OPEC unilaterally changed the price, the impact of petro-dollar on the Iranian society, as well as the impact of the “OPEC tax” on global economy/recession. Saudi Arabia’s new oil man, Yamani, and the twin pillars strategy of the US were introduced. We concluded the lesson with discussions on the shift from concessions to nationalization in the producing countries, the bitter seeds of resentment that led to the nationalization, and the adjustments made in the consuming nations to the new realities of oil supplies and markets. 

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