EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Summary and Final Tasks


In this concluding lesson of the course, we discussed the Gulf Crisis/War and the collapse of the Soviet Union that left the US as the only superpower. We also discussed the mergers and acquisitions that led to a few but much bigger players, talked about the new hydrocarbon finds, and explored where we are with respect to “peak oil.” Since energy and the environment are intimately tied together, we discussed the environmental impact of fossil fuel use especially as it relates to the consequences of climate change. Finally, you will outline, as indicated in the "Extra Credit Option" below, the major oil issues/events since The Prize that you would include in continuing “The story of oil (the epic quest for oil, money, and power)” as well as the oil events during the book that were not covered but you would have included and why!

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Extra Credit Option

Highlights of International Oil Evolution during and since The Prize!

Before you get started here, please know that this Extra Credit Option is worth a total of 20 extra credit points towards your grade in this class. There will be no topical discussion or minute essay as this will serve as your writing activity for this final week in addition to the second exam (final).

Respond to the prompts below and drop your response in the Canvas drop box as scheduled in the Canvas Calendar. Each suggestion is worth 5 points for a total of 20 possible points.  Your Comment Entry must be more than just a list.  You must not only state the event you are talking about but also provide background information as to the important details on what happened and why this event should be considered important for the story on international oil evolution. (approximate 100 words per prompt) Your submission will be judged by the number of important events cited, the relative importance of the events, and the quality of your rationale/justification/argument for their importance and inclusion in the story of the international oil evolution.

  • List and discuss 1 oil and gas event between when Drake first drilled in the 1860s up to end of the Gulf War of 1991 of The Prize that were not covered but which you consider to be important enough that you would have included in the book. Be sure to justify why you would have included them in the book. (5pts)
  • List and discuss 1 major oil and gas event that has occurred in the past few years (from 1990 - to present day). Be sure to justify why you consider them important enough to be included in future editions of the book. (5 pts)
  • Reflect on your view of "Oil Power" at the beginning of the semester.  (5 pts)
  • State your current view of "Oil Power" comparing to the beginning of the semester. (5 pts)

Important Note: The bonus/extra credit assignment is due as scheduled in Canvas Calendar and submitted in the Canvas Dropbox, no attachments.

Time for the Final Exam! (This Exam covers material since Lesson 8.)

You have finished Lesson 12. There is no quiz for this lesson. These questions will be incorporated into the last exam.

For more information and details about the exam, please see the course syllabus. Via email, the course instructor will send you specific details regarding when this final exam will be available and the types of questions that you will find on the exam.

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