EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Term Project: Proposal


Proposal - 25 points

The project proposal submission due date is posted in the Syllabus.  Please submit it in Canvas-drop box. (no attachments accepted, use the textbox)

All proposals will be approved by the instructor(s) before students can begin work on the Update and Final Project.

Your proposal must be no more than 1 page and should contain the following components (see example in Canvas):

Individual or Team

You have a choice, you can do the Term Project as an Individual or you can join a Team to share responsibilities of the Term Project.

An Individual Term Project Plan on a 15 minute presentation.  You will do all the research and organization to prepare for a presentation but not actually do the presentation.

Optional: If you want to have a Team (3-4 members), email me for approval, then include Team members' names on the proposal.

A Team Term Project Plan on 40 minute presentation.  You as a group will do all the research and organization to prepare for a presentation but not actually do the presentation.

Please Note:

Wikipedia is not a valid source, and will adversly impact your grade. Use Scholarly peer-reviewed publications instead. Use Newspapers and News publications sparingly

Required Component

50% of the Project must be focused on oil, the oil industry, oil byproducts.

Categories of Possible Topics

Here are some ideas and categories of ideas to help get you thinking. Also, stroll through The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World by Daniel Yergin, Parts One, Two, Four.

The topic that you would like to work on should be focused and narrow in scope.  Options would be a regional location, and narrow scope could be a time frame 5-10 years.

Categories of Possible Topics
TOPIC Examples Questions to Explore
Contemporary Country Figurehead President Hassan Rouhani
Prime Minister Theresa May
President Nicolas Maduro
Chancellor Angela Merkel
King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
Oil Minister Khalid A. Al-Falih
What changes have they influenced in policies regarding the oil industry?
What crisis happened that will limit access to oil?
What is their overall influence on the industry?
Do they have a background in the oil industry?
Oil Consuming Country Germany
New Zealand
North Korea
How much do they use?
Where do they get their resources?
Anything in history to dramatically change their consumption?
What steps are they taking to reduce their consumption?
Oil Producing Country Kuwait
What kind of oil do they produce?
Where do they export to?
Where do the revenues from oil go to?
Is it privately owned or government run?

Oil Reservoir

Unconventional Oil - choose one (shale, tar sands...)
Horzontal Drilling
Geology behind finding a reserve
Deep Water Drilling in a specific region of the world

Geological Traps

2nd Recovery Operations

How does the process work?
What are the current uses of it?
What are the challenges facing it?

Drilling Permits

Well Spacing Units

Water Regulations

Separation of Mineral (petroleum) Ownership vs Surface Ownership

Historical Oil Concession

Native American Mineral (petroleum) Ownership

Non-Ownership Theory or Ownership in Place

Focus on a specific US state

What is the Background to the selected?

What is the application to the whole industry?

Manmade or Natural Disasters

Oil Embargo post 1990

Oil spills, needs to be more than a news article on the spill (Limitation BP Horizon Spill, Gulf War Oil Spill are not accepted)

Other suggestions Oil Spills in History or Worst Natural Disasters

Or a specific War or Conflict post 1980

How did it impact the oil industry?  

Cause shortage or abundance in supply?

Which companies were impacted?

Who helped with supply distribution? 

Petroleum focused Organizations

Options to Consider

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

International Energy Agency

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries

Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America


Examples of topics to cover:

Current status of their board
Explaining the way the members interact
Focus on a philanthropy project

How have the members worked together?
How have they differed?
How have they impacted the world market?

Try to choose a topic that would be of interest to the class, is current, and is related to the course material/content. Email Karen with any questions about topics or sources. Oil impacts many aspects to our lives, There are many topics for many interests to explore.