EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

The Quest Chapter 2: The Caspian Derby


The Quest Chapter 2: The Caspian Derby

Consider the following questions:

  • How will pipeline politics impact the industry?
  • How will oil income expand economies?

The New Great Game

The new opening up of the Caspian region would bring up recurring rivals. The Great Game references the geopolitics between Russia and Britain continual competition and striving for control and influence. The Game would take on new characteristics in the 20th Century revolving around oil transportation. The oil in Baku was essentially landlocked. The advances in tanker technology would do nothing for transporting this oil. It would require a network of pipelines to get the crude from the drill point to the consumer.

The many countries surrounding the Baku Oil Region would all want their piece of the pie. Each country would want to negotiate individual terms for oil to travel through a pipeline over their land.

This new variety of negotiations would be grouped together as the Caspian Derby.