EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Lesson 5 Readings


Reading Assignments for Lesson 5

Students are to read chapters from the texts - The Prize and The Quest. The sections not listed are optional.

Chapter 15 - The Arabian Concessions: The World that Frank Holmes Made

Sections to Read

  • Introduction
  • Ibn Saud
  • Kuwait
  • The Blue Line Agreement
  • Discovery

Major Themes to Ponder as You Read

  • Americans beat the Brits to Saudi oil.
  • Increasing ties between Saudi Arabia & United States.
  • Economics & oil.
  • Cultural differences are profound.
  • The host countries wanted the companies in just as much as we wanted their oil.

Chapter 16 - Japan's Road to War

Sections to Read

  • Introduction
  • The New Order in Asia
  • Japanese Advance and American Restrictions - The First Round
  • Yamamoto's Gamble - "Doubtless I will Die"
  • Embargo
  • Pearl Harbor
  • The One Mistake

Major Themes to Ponder as You Read

  • Oil as a central element in strategy, but not really the cause of the war.
  • Other motivations for the war.
  • Poor economic conditions opening the door to despots.
  • Lessons from history for today.
  • Access to oil is important.
  • But sea lanes can be blocked easily.

Chapter 17 - Germany's Formula for War

Sections to Read

  • Introduction
  • The Chemical Solution
  • Girding for War
  • The Russian Campaign: " My Generals Know Nothing About the Economic Aspects of War"
  • Rommel and the Revenge of the Quartermaster
  • "The Primary Strategic Aim"
  • The Battle of the Bulge: Europe's Biggest Gas Station

Major Themes to Ponder as You Read

  • Access to oil was critical.
  • Logistics & fuel were critical.
  • Synthetic oil production.

From text - The Quest 

Sections to Read - Chapter 7

  • Why the War
  • Oil
  • The Oil Industry: “Dilapidated and Deplorable”

Major Themes to Ponder as You Read

  • The mix of oil and war.
  • Similarities between wars.
  • Ideology vs physical control.