EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Lesson 12 Readings


Required Reading for Lesson 12

Students are to read Chapters 37 and the Epilogue of the textbook (The Prize) and the Lesson Notes on Mergers, New Provinces, Peak Oil, the Environment, and Oil since The Prize in addition to select chapters in The Quest.

Chapter 37: Crisis in the Gulf
  • Introduction
  • Iraq Moves
  • Miscalculation
  • The New Oil Crisis
  • The Lessons of Security
  • The Age of Oil
  • Epilogue
  • Introduction
  • The Return of Oil
  • A New Oil Shock
  • Running Out?
  • Energy Security
The Quest

Part One: Chapter 4: "SuperMajors"

  • Introduction
  • The Merger that Wasn't
  • The Breakout: BP and Amoco
  • "Easy Glum, Easy Glow": Exxon and Mobil
  • The Ghost of Rockefeller

Part Two: Chapter 11: Is the World Running Out of Oil?

  • Introduction
  • Above Ground Risks
  • Running Out Again - and Again
  • The Fifth Time
  • M. King Hubbart
  • At The Peak
  • Why Supplies Continue to Grow
  • Discoveries Versus Additions
  • How Much Oil?

Part Two: Chapter 16: The Natural Gas Revolution

  • Introduction
  • Breakthrough
  • The "Shale Gale"
  • "Wounded By a Friend"