EGEE 495
Energy and Sustainability Policy Internship

Bibliography Assignment


You will be using a host of resources during your internship such as text books, reports and documents, websites, and software, some of which you may have never used before. Others you may be comfortable using and rely on them regularly. Either way, it can be helpful to have a catalog of these resources to refer back to when job searching or at a later point in your career. Believe it or not, in the future you will be very pleased when it is easy to find that website that you relied heavily upon for the work completed during your internship. Also, having a list to refer back to can really help in an interview when you're asked to provide real-life examples of how you tackled a challenge or managed an assignment.

Visit the Purdue OWL for more information and samples of annotated bibliographies in the MLA format.


Create an annotated bibliography of resources used during your internship.


The Bibliography will be graded out of 50 points. A detailed rubric can be found in Canvas.


Upload your file to the "Annotated Bibliography" dropbox in Canvas by the date specified on the course calendar. Since this is due the last week of class, you will NOT have an opportunity to edit and resubmit your assignment.