EGEE 495
Energy and Sustainability Policy Internship

Resume and Cover Letter Assignment


Required Viewing and Reading

  • Log onto Use your PSU username and password to log on. Then use the search window to find "Writing a Résumé." Feel free to watch the whole course if you'd like, but you are required to watch Section 1, "Basic Components of a Résumé" and Section 2, "Customizing the Basic Résumé Components."
  • Additionally, review the Penn State Career Services website on résumés and Cover Letters.
  • Then, complete the exercise outlined below.

Résumé writing isn't what it once was; there was a time when you could put together your résumé, consider it done, and attach it to your carefully crafted cover letter and then wait by the phone. But nowadays, you are expected to customize your résumé to every position you apply for. This requires a good deal more time, but provides the employer with better insight into your experience, qualifications and writing abilities.

Did you know?

World Campus offers career counseling services through the Career Services office. Be sure to review the Career Services website. If you'd like to speak with a Career Counselor, fill out a Career Counseling Referral Form.

For this assignment, you will be job searching. You are expected to complete a cover letter and résumé. You can use the ad provided below, or you can find another job that you're interested in. If you use a different ad, be sure to include it in your submission.

 Job posting. See text version for the text
Click for a Text Version of the Classified Ad

Classified Add for Troy's Consulting

Troy's Consulting has an immediate opening for an entry level Licensing and Regulatory Coordinator in our Portland, Oregon office. The successful candidate will support Troy's regulatory team in the renewable resources department.


Demonstrated communication and relationship building skills, including interaction with clients and stakeholders (public, state and federal resource agencies, non-governmental organizations).

BA/BS Degree- Understanding of local, state, tribal, and federal permitting processes

Demonstrated abilities to:

- develop strategies for addressing regulatory issues arising from multiple use objectives
- effectively communicate in writing to a variety of audiences around complex science and policy issues
- assist in managing multiple projects
- work effectively as a member of a multidisciplinary team
- use commonly available software such as Microsoft Office products


- Some travel will be required
- Current authorization to work in the United States
- Current Drivers' License and or Passport

Other Experience Desired:

- General knowledge of hydroelectric operations, regulatory processes and compliance for hydroelectric, water (e.g. irrigation systems) and other energy projects
- Environmental policy and planning, particularly for aquatic resources; and, National Environmental Policy Act process and documentation

Troy's Consulting is a premier provider of engineering, regulatory and ecological services to the Energy and Water Resources Markets in the United States and Canada. The company offers a competitive salary, benefits package and opportunities for advancement in a growing, national consulting firm.


Create an updated cover letter and résumé.

  • Upload your completed résumé and coverletter to the Resume dropbox in Canvas.
  • Submit the cover letter and résumé via email to Lynn Atanasoff ( at Career Services using your PSU email and copy the instructor on the email ( In the email, request feedback on your documents.


The Résumé and Cover Letter will be graded out of 50 points. A detailed rubric for the résumé can be found in Canvas. 


Upload your file to the "Cover Letter & Résumé: Original Draft" dropbox in Canvas by the date specified on the course calendar. Once your original draft is graded, you will have an opportunity to edit your submission and resubmit for a higher grade. The updated submission MUST be submitted to the "Cover Letter & Résumé: Final Draft" Dropbox in order for it to be regraded.