EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Summary and Final Tasks


In this lesson, you learned about general types of nonmarket strategy and specific strategies for activities in non-government arenas (private politics). The case study, continued from the previous lessons and concluded here, developed a nonmarket strategy based on the outcomes of the nonmarket analysis. The Case Study introduced new concepts related to non-profit organizations and their role in the nonmarket arena.

You learned:

  • the meaning of "nuclear energy" and the difference between fission and fusion;
  • details of steps in the uranium fuel cycle;
  • profiles of major international nuclear agencies;
  • to quantify nuclear generation capacity around the world;
  • about externalities related to nuclear generation, including the risk of catastrophe and terrorism, but also the advantage of emissions-free generation;
  • technical details and policy implications of March 11, 2011 accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan;
  • how to research and report on international nuclear generation estimates;
  • the status of the nuclear energy industry in the U.S.

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