EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Summary and Final Tasks


In this lesson, you learned about general types of nonmarket strategy and specific strategies for activities in non-government arenas (private politics). The case study continued from the previous lessons, and concluded here developed a nonmarket strategy based on the outcomes of the nonmarket analysis. The case study introduced new concepts related to non-profit organizations and their role in the nonmarket arena.

You learned:

  • the motivations behind private politics;
  • four ways that private politics affects the issues, interests, institutions, and information that comprise the nonmarket environment;
  • a range of specific strategies for nonmarket action in non-government arenas;
  • a three-step strategy for evaluating nonmarket strategy alternatives;
  • seven "tests" for evaluating alternatives and ethical decision-making;
  • the ISO's seven core subjects for Social Responsibility;
  • how to make a recommendation for nonmarket strategic action based on the outcomes of a nonmarket analysis;
  • the roles and limitations of organizations classified by the IRS as section 501(c) nonprofits.

Have you completed everything?

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