EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Summary and Final Tasks


In this lesson, you learned about renewable energy, specifically the use of wind and solar technology for electricity generation. We reviewed important concepts related to distributed generation and policies that work to support and incentivize these technologies, including on- and off-grid applications, net metering, rebates, tax credits, and performance-based incentives.

You learned:

  • to quantify current and projected worldwide use of renewable energy;
  • about using units of measure for power and energy correctly and consistently;
  • about distributed generation and associated concepts including on- and off-grid and net metering;
  • commonly used incentive structures for renewable energy including tax credits, rebates and performance-based incentives (Renewable Portfolio Standards and Feed-In Tariffs);
  • to describe wind-energy technology and resources and issues affecting growth of the industry;
  • three categories of solar-energy systems: passive, thermal, and electric-generating;
  • the components of photovoltaic systems and the purpose of each;
  • the features of four types of concentrating solar power systems;
  • the status of and advances in the use of solar for electricity generation.

Have you completed everything?

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