EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Case Study Assignment Components and Grading


INDIVIDUAL Case Study Assignments

Case Study Issue Interest Survey

You will find the “Case Study Issue Interest Survey" under the Case Study Assignments sub heading in the Modules tab. All students should complete the survey.

Case Study Individual Submissions for Part I, II, and III

As noted in the Case Study description, you must submit your individual contribution to each Case Study assignment prior to when the full group assignment is due. This is required in order to provide the team leader time to integrate the assignments together. All due dates are on the Course Calendars.

Team Assessment of Contribution

You will find the “Team Assessment of Contribution” survey under the Modules tab. Not graded, but all students are required to complete the survey. (The individual case study final grade will be penalized 1 point for late, incomplete or missing survey results.)

Case Study Q & A

Case Studies will be presented in the Q&A Discussion Forum. Each student will participate in the Discussion forum by leaving comments. Participation will be graded on an individual basis.

TEAM Case Study Assignments

The Team will receive one grade for Parts I and III of the Case Study. Part II will be graded individually. These grades will not be posted to the grade book.

After all parts of the Case Study are submitted, the Team will be given one total Case Study score. Each Part is weighted equally.

Scoring for each Part of the Case Study is based on:

  • Content
  • Visuals
  • Mechanics (including on-time submission of individual assignments)
  • Sources

All sources and references MUST be identified and properly referenced. Failure to do so can result in a failing grade and other possible sanctions. See College of Earth, Mineral and Sciences Academic Integrity and Research Ethics.

After all parts of the Case Study are submitted, each member of the team will complete a team assessment survey of individual contributions by each team member, including themselves. At the discretion of the instructor, the team assessments may result in an adjustment of your case study grade up or down from the grade that is calculated for the team. Any student whose grade is adjusted because of the team assessment will receive a written explanation from the instructor.

The Team Case Study is worth 30% of your course grade.

If you have questions, please post to the "Questions about EME 444?" Discussion Forum. I'll be happy to help you!