EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Summary and Final Tasks


In this lesson, you learned about significant nonmarket forces that are increasingly creating opportunities for stakeholders to shape the business environment for energy firms: shareholder pressure to report and address risks to the business from climate change, the use of a social cost of carbon (SCC) to assess proposed policy, and an emerging awareness of energy return on investment (EROI).

You learned:

  • about the relationship between climate change, corporate reporting, and investor risk;
  • details of the SEC's interpretive guidance related to corporate reporting requirements triggered by climate change;
  • the definition of social cost of carbon (SCC) and its application;
  • the political and business ramifications of SCC;
  • how the SCC is applied to policy assessment;
  • how to define and calculate energy return on investment (EROI);
  • to use and cite examples of EROI used in analysis for purposes of nonmarket and market strategic action.

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