EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Energy Policy, Supply, and Demand

Flag of India is three equal horizontal bands of saffron (subdued orange) (top), white, and green, with a blue chakra (24-spoked wheel) centered in the white band
Saffron represents courage, sacrifice, and the spirit of renunciation; white signifies purity and truth; green stands for faith and fertility; the blue chakra symbolizes the wheel of life in movement and death in stagnation.

To Read Now

In 2015, the International Energy Agency published a "World Energy Outlook Special Report" on India (lucky for us!).  This special issue is chock full of information regarding just about everything you would want to know about India's energy past, present, and future.  Feel free to read as much as you'd like, but at least read:

  • Ch.1 "Energy in India Today" from pp. 19 through 30
  • Browse "Energy production and trade"
  • Read pp. 46 - 48 on "Social and environmental aspects."