EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise



Case Study Overview

This is a Nonmarket Analysis Case Study completed as a Team Project, with a few assignments that are to be done individually. All due dates will be posted in the Canvas calendar.

Case Study Issues for Current Semester

On the following page, you will find a list of Case Study Issues for the current semester. Each topic is phrased as an issue appropriate for nonmarket analysis and is accompanied by several general references to help you become acquainted with the issue. 

Case Study Team Project

The Case Study is a TEAM project with three parts. Each part is submitted via drop boxes or discussion forums in Canvas.

Detailed guidelines for each part of your Nonmarket Analysis Case Study will be provided. Your Team will receive one grade for each part of the Case Study. These grades will not be posted to the grade book.

After all parts of the Case Study are complete, each member of the team will complete a team assessment survey of individual contributions by each team member (see below).

Your Team will be given one total Case Study score. Individual scores for the Case Study will be calculated as:

Team Score x Team Assessment of Contribution.

Depending on your level of contribution to the Case Study, your individual score may be the same as the Team Score, or it may be lower or higher (not to exceed 100 points).

Team Assessment of Contribution

This is a survey, completed INDIVIDUALLY.

In this survey, you will provide feedback on the contributions of other members of your team to this project. This is to encourage all team members to work together and contribute fully to this project. Each student's final score on this team project is calculated as:

Team Score x Team Assessment of Contribution

Depending on the Team's assessment of your level of contribution to the Case Study, your individual score may be the same as the Team Score, or it may be lower, or it may be higher (not to exceed 100 points).

You will find the “Team Assessment of Contribution” survey under the Modules tab. You'll be asked to assess the contributions of other Team members to this group project. When considering the contributions of each team member, please include these factors: level of engagement, timeliness of work, quality of work, and integrity of work (correct and complete source citations). For each Team member, your options are:

  • this is me
  • did not contribute (0%)
  • did very little to contribute (50%)
  • did far less than fair share (80%)
  • did less than fair share (90%)
  • did around fair share (100%)
  • did more than fair share (110%)
  • did MUCH more than fair share (120%)

Case Study Q & A (Discussion Forum)

These are Discussion Forums, graded INDIVIDUALLY.

Near the end of the semester, each Case Study will be presented in a Q&A Discussion Forum. Each student is required to participate by commenting on the uploaded presentations. Comments will be graded on an individual basis.