EME 460
Geo-Resources Evaluation and Investment Analysis


Dr. Farid Tayari
Farid Tayari

Hello, my name is Farid Tayari, and I will be the instructor of the course EME 460, Geo-resources Evaluation and Investment Analysis.

I am currently working as Assistant Teaching Professor of Energy Business and Finance in the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering at Penn State University. I hold a Ph.D. degree in Energy Management and Policy, which is an interdisciplinary major between Energy Economics and Engineering from the Penn State University. I also earned a Master's degree in Applied Statistics and another Master's degree in Finance, all from the Penn State. And, I have an MBA from University of Tehran, and a Bachelor’s of science in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University.

I have years of research and work experience in economic assessment of energy projects, especially in the field of oil, gas, and renewables. I’m also experienced in energy economics, policy analysis, mathematical modeling, quantitative simulation, and programming.

Contact Information

Email: fot5026@psu.edu
Office: 131 Hosler Building

Office Hours: If you would like to schedule a meeting, please send an email and we will coordinate a workable time. Also, I encourage you to write your question in discussion forums first (it might be other students' question as well) and also read the discussion forums regularly. You might be able to find your answer or other helpful materials there.