EME 466
Energy and Sustainability in Society

Recorded (Video) Presentation


The video portion of your Capstone Project is a 30- to 45-minute presentation for the general public uploaded both to YouTube and the ESP Program Office website.

Typically, the presentation should generally follow along the lines of the Written Report. Introduce yourself, the ESP program and your topic, then present research, analysis and recommendations.

The presentation may be a recording of your in-person presentation, if it meets the above criteria (or comes close). You’ll need to have documented consent from the event sponsor and participants to record and share the video. This written and signed consent must be submitted with your video.

The presentation may include narrated PowerPoint slides, photos and other visuals. You may personally appear throughout all or portions of the video, but must be visually present in the opening and closing and your voice throughout.  You should not assume that the entirety of the presentation should be a narrated PowerPoint presentation, though.  Use this opportunity to make an enthusiastic and fun case for the position you've taken on this issue.

Be creative and resourceful; have fun with this! Here are some ideas:

  • Include stakeholder interviews and video or photos from field excursions (with proper permission, of course)
  • Reflect on what you have learned and insights you may have gained
  • Talk about how your research has or may be of use to stakeholders in your area
  • Share plans you may have for personally staying involved on this topic
  • Invite others to join you or other groups, ask others to provide comment

You may choose a recording technology and format that best suits your skills and equipment, however, the final video submission must be in a form suitable for posting on YouTube. For a full listing of supported formats see, Supported YouTube file formats


  • Post your video to YouTube, ensuring the privacy settings are either public or unlisted (this allows only those people with the link to view it). If you have it set to private, no one but you can see it.
  • Submit the YouTube link in the corresponding Canvas assignment by the due date promised in your Section I Project Plan and posted on the Course Calendar.


Quality (50%)—Video is well constructed and visually interesting with content that is complete, organized and well presented. Opening and closing credits are well managed. Student is prepared and delivers the presentation clearly. Supporting materials are clear and used effectively. Presentation meets guidelines described above. Recording quality is sufficient: audio is clear and visuals are in focus and well composed.

Creativity (25%) - Video captivates and maintains audience attention through appropriate and interesting delivery of content, variation of format, and cleverness.  

Length (25%)—Video is 30 to 45 minutes, not shorter or longer. (Quantity is not a substitute for quality. Points will be deducted for repetition and any other tactic used simply to extend the length.)