EME 466
Energy and Sustainability in Society

Congratulations! Welcome to LinkedIn.


If you are in this course, you are very near to completing and receiving your Bachelor of Arts degree in Energy and Sustainability Policy at Penn State, woo hoo!! Congratulations on this huge lifetime achievement.

Many of you have jobs, families and responsibilities--in addition to being a student--and have worked incredibly hard to achieve this accomplishment. It represents a tremendous investment of your precious time and money. I, and others in the ESPBA program, are humbled to have been a part of this and to have witnessed your personal effort, sacrifice and growth. We are very proud, impressed and happy for you! We also know that our job isn't over until we help you get started using your newly minted degree to support the professional and personal interests that got you here in the first place!

We know that the reason(s) you have chosen to pursue this degree vary widely from student to student. Many of you seek new professional employment, others hope to advance at their current place of employment, some hope to redirect careers that are already successful, many intend to continue their studies in graduate school, and others are simply not sure--you just studied what you loved and now all possibilities are on the table! In all of these cases, LinkedIn is a powerful resource for finding and connecting with others to help you apply your new degree in ways that you find professionally and personally meaningful. We want to make sure that by the time you leave Penn State you are already plugged into the communities that can help you succeed in the future.

LinkedIn logo in the background with pictures of people in the foreground
LinkedIn Web Site Photo
(Brandwatch, Jan 2015)

LinkedIn is the "world's largest professional network on the internet," with more than 400 million members in over 200 countries and territories. It's mission is to "connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do." (See Linkedin's About page for more details)

Sounds great, right? Let's get started!

ESP's official LinkedIn guru is Ron Santini. You'll remember him from GEOG 469, a great instructor and all-round good guy! If you have questions or need help with LinkedIn, Ron is your go-to person. Connect with him through LinkedIn and stay in touch with him there. He's got all kinds of good info to share and he'll be there to KEEP sharing with you after you graduate. I will be there too, along with your coach and many other ESP alumni, instructors and supporters.


Complete the steps described above in LInkedIn by the due date given on the course calendar in Canvas. No additional submission steps are required.


Joined LinkedIn Group "Penn State ESP Majors and Alumni"--Required for Credit

Complete LinkedIn Profile (40%)--photo, Summary, Experience and Education

LinkedIn Connection made with instructor Vera Cole (5%)

Joined four listed additional Penn State groups (20%)

Joined any three or more additional groups (15%)

Network of connections includes 25 or more (20%)