EME 466
Energy and Sustainability in Society

Section I: Project Plan


The purpose of this section is to explain the ways in which this capstone project represents a culmination of Energy and Sustainability Policy learning across the curriculum. Your Project Plan is organized into the following subsections.

Topic Overview (a subhead in your report)

This section includes a specific description of your approved Capstone Project topic, the "policy, action, plan or proposal currently in the public arena" that will be the subject of this project. Include a short summary of the topic and scope, with a brief description of major players, locations, related events and dates, and current status.

Key ESP Courses (a subhead in your report)

Briefly identify at least four courses from the ESP curriculum that provide background information, resources, applications or methodologies that you believe will help in your mastery (research and analysis) of this topic. For each course, provide name and number of course, semester taken and instructor, along with a brief description of how the course material applies to your Capstone Project topic.

ESP Competency (a subhead in your report)

The ESP program emphasizes five competency areas:

  • Energy Industry Knowledge
  • Sustainability Ethic
  • Global Perspective
  • Analytic Skills
  • Communication Skills

For each competency area, describe in detail at least two ways the work done on this Capstone Project will demonstrate strong working knowledge in this area.

Timeline (a subhead in your report)

Provide a timeline with dates for the completion of all deliverables required for the ESP Capstone Project:

  • Three dates for Written Report: Section II Research, Section III Analysis, and Section IV Recommendations. Allow at least TEN DAYS between submission dates for these sections. This gives your coach time to provide feedback on one section, and time for you to consider it, before submitting the next section.
  • In-Person Presentation (with brief description of audience, location and date)
  • In-Person Presentation Report
  • Recorded (Video) Submission

Remember these are firm, committed due dates.


Submit your Section I Project Plan by the due date posted on the Course Calendar. To submit, please use the Written Report module in Canvas.


In addition to Section I requirements above, please be sure to follow the General Guidelines and Formatting Instructions that are applicable to all sections. If you have questions about how these apply, please ask your Coach before submitting you work.

Completeness (80%)  Work completely and clearly fulfills expectations for Section I Project Plan as detailed above. Material is technically correct. Content is rich and substantive.

Quality of Writing, Organization and Presentation (20%)  Writing is clear, professional and well organized. Sentences are well structured, with no spelling or grammatical errors. General Guidelines and Formatting Instructions are followed.