EME 466
Energy and Sustainability in Society

Section III: Analysis


Your Capstone Project topic is a "policy, action, plan or proposal currently in the public arena." In this section, use your research, data and analytical skills to reach a well-supported personal position on the topic. Essentially, what is your opinion and why?

Like Section II, your sources for this section must include personal interactions with at least two different individuals with an interest in the policy that is the focus of your research. These two sources are in addition to those provided in Section I. A "personal interaction" may be an email, phone call or in-person meeting.

Provide a well-organized in-depth analysis of the topic. Use the information from previous sections to build an argument. Consider technical, financial, environmental and ethical factors to the full extent applicable. Draw upon your prior course work for resources and methodologies. Use quantitative studies as applicable.

Organize this section carefully. It may be useful to recognize specific questions related to the topic that are of greatest concern or interest to you. Use subheads in a manner that best supports the content being presented.

The final subhead for this section is Conclusion. Clearly state your position on the topic, with a brief summary of critical factors supporting this position.

Your Section III Analysis should be as long as necessary and at least 2,500 words.


Submit your Section III Analysis by the due date promised in your Project Plan and posted on the Course Calendar. Submit your Section I Project Plan by the due date posted on the Course Calendar. To submit, please use the Written Report module in Canvas.


In addition to Section III requirements above, please be sure to follow the General Guidelines and Formatting Instructions that are applicable to all sections. If you have questions about how these apply, please ask your Coach before submitting you work.

Completeness (50%)  Work completely and clearly fulfills specific expectations for Section III Analysis as detailed above. Material is technically correct. Content is rich and substantive, demonstrating deep understanding of issues, stakeholders and policy context. Section length is at least 2,500 words.

Research and Sources (10%)

  • Analysis is supported with additional referenced sources. These sources are current, with strong credibility and clear relevance to subject.
  • List of References now includes at least 30 different referenced sources. (This total includes references from Section II.)
  • All sources in List of References are cited. (Absolutely necessary. Uncited references will not be counted.)
  • List of References is properly formatted. (All references are cited in the body of your work.)

Personal Interactions (20%)

  • At least two additional personal interactions are properly documented in Appendix A.
  • All personal interactions are included in List of References.
  • All personal interactions in Appendix A are cited. (Absolutely necessary. Uncited references will not be counted.)

Quality of Writing, Organization and Presentation (20%)  Writing is clear, professional and well organized. Sentences are well structured, with no spelling or grammatical errors. General Guidelines and Formatting Instructions are followed.