EME 466
Energy and Sustainability in Society

Section IV: Recommendations


Your Capstone Project topic is a "policy, action, plan or proposal currently in the public arena." In this section, select one of your identified stakeholders that holds the same position on the topic as you do. Align yourself with this stakeholder, then present your strategic recommendations (to this stakeholder) for engaging with others and taking action to support and influence a favorable outcome of the policy, action, plan or proposal.

Recommend a detailed plan for action that engages with others to support the desired outcome on the topic. Identify stakeholders, messages and methods. Provide a basis for the recommendation.

Remember to identify other stakeholders who may align with your position. Consider their interests and propose reasons for supporting the position you propose. Address opportunities for coalition building. Also, identify stakeholders who may disagree with your position. Consider their interests and propose approaches for counteracting their arguments.

Your Section IV Recommendations should be as long as necessary and at least 2,000 words.


Submit your Section IV Recommendations by the due date promised in your Project Plan and posted on the Course Calendar. Submit your Section I Project Plan by the due date posted on the Course Calendar. To submit, please use the Written Report module in Canvas.


In addition to Section IV requirements above, please be sure to follow the General Guidelines and Formatting Instructions that are applicable to all sections. If you have questions about how these apply, please ask your Coach before submitting you work.

Completeness (80%)  Work completely and clearly fulfills specific expectations for Section IV Recommendations as detailed above. Material is technically correct. Content is rich and substantive, demonstrating deep understanding of issues, stakeholders and policy context. Section length is at least 2,000 words. The following are key factors of completeness:

  • Clear identification of chosen stakeholder (stakeholder to whom these recommendations are presented)
  • Detailed action plan including stakeholders, messages, methods and basis for recommendations.
  • Addressing opportunities for coalition building
  • Consideration of stakeholders with opposing position.

Quality of Writing, Organization and Presentation (20%)  Writing is clear, professional and well organized. Sentences are well structured, with no spelling or grammatical errors. General Guidelines and Formatting Instructions are followed.