EME 466
Energy and Sustainability in Society

Report Overview


The Capstone Project Written Report consists of four sections, submitted sequentially. They are: Section I Project Plan, Section II Research, Section III Analysis, and Section IV Recommendations. All reports will also include a List of Cited References and at least one Appendix. Please see the Course Calendar for Section I Project Plan due date. All other due dates will be established by you in Section I Project Plan.

General Guidelines

The following important guidelines apply to all sections--

Audience. This Report is written for a general audience. Assume the reader has no prior background on the topic. Explain all acronyms, units of measure and any terminology which may be new.

Voice. Write in a professional tone throughout. Do not use the first person ("I ...") in Sections I, II or III (except Conclusion). You may use first person in the Conclusion of Section III Analysis and throughout Section IV Recommendations.

Academic Integrity. You must always give credit when using the work of others. Failure to do so is very serious and can lead to long lasting consequences. (For our College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' policy, see Academic Integrity and Research Ethics.) The principle of giving credit where credit is due isn't simply an academic exercise, it is about a fundamental honesty that is necessary to build and maintain trust in all of our relationships--school, work, even family and friends. Many a stellar career has been derailed by charges of plagiarism, even when unintentional. Be careful to consider and respect sources of ideas, data and knowledge made available to you by others. Please take a minute to look back at these resources from GEOG 438 W: When to Cite Sources and Working with Citations.

Formatting Instructions

Report Cover Page. This Cover Page includes title of your report (using approved wording from your Project Topic), your name, your Penn State program (BA in ESP), name of ESP faculty coach, name of course instructor, semester (eg "Fall 2016"), and other details you find relevant.

Submission. With each submission, include all completed sections of your report. For example, your Section III submission will include Sections I and II, though only Section III will be graded. 

Page setup. Use page numbers that continue from one section to the next. Include your last name and section title on all pages (in footer or header). Format all sections consistently.

Sections. Each Section will have its own cover page, with name of section, date submitted and other details you find relevant.

List of References (starting with Section II). Following your last completed section, you'll have one List of References for all of your research. This list will grows with each added section. You are expected to follow APA citation style guidelines. If you wish to use a different style, please contact your Coach for consideration.

Appendix A (starting with Section II). For sections II and III, you are required to include "personal interactions." These may be email, phone or in-person. Following the List of References, you'll have an Appendix A documenting these personal interactions. This Appendix will grow as you add more sections to your report. To document email interactions, include the emails themselves in Appendix A. For other personal interactions (phone calls or in-person meeting), include your notes with description of interaction, date, location, and contact's name and position.