EME 466
Energy and Sustainability in Society

Course Orientation


Orientation Overview

Before we begin our semester of study together, it is important that you review all of the material on all these pages AND on the EME 466 course syllabus.

Course Syllabus

This course orientation complements, and expands on, the information provided in the EGEE 466 Course Syllabus. Use the "Syllabus" link at the top of this page to access the full course syllabus. Read through all pages carefully.

What will we learn about in the Course Orientation?

  • The structure of EME 466
  • What assignments are required in this course
  • An overview of Canvas, Penn State's course management system
  • Technical requirements for EME 466
  • How to succeed in this course
  • Where to get course assistance if you need it


If you have any questions, please email the course instructor or your coach (once assigned). We are all here to help you.

Keep Reading!

On the following pages you will find important information about the course structure, requirements, scheduling, and technical requirements and assistance...all of which you'll need to know in order to pass the course. Remember, you are also responsible for the information located on our course syllabus (see the menu).