EME 504
Foundations in Sustainability Systems

3.5 System Analysis and System Architectures

In your readings, hierarchal, star, ring, mesh, and hybrid system architectures are identified. These architectures differ in the vectorial flow of information, resource distribution, and internal relationship among the entities that are comprised within the system of interest. Each architecture has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choosing among them depends on the type of problem for which the specific flow chart is needed.

  • Hierarchal
  • Start
  • Ring
  • Mesh

Discussion Forum 3

  1. Using the Mess Diagram that you created for Discussion Forum 2 and the comments you received from your classmates, create a Flow Chart for your Case Study problem. Identify the different physical structures needed for the production of the goods and/or delivery of services in your case study, and how these physical structures may exchange energy. Post the flow chart in the class forum.
  2. Study the different system architectures and select the appropriate type for your Case Study. Write a paragraph explaining why a particular system was appropriate for your Case Study. Transform the Flow Chart that you prepared into the selected architecture. Draw and post your new Flow Chart.
  3. Provide comments to at least two of your classmates on their Flow Charts.