EME 504
Foundations in Sustainability Systems

Summary and Final Tasks

The objectives of this module were as follows:

  1. Use thermodynamics concepts such as conservation of energy to predict the flow of energy within a system.
  2. Use thermodynamics concepts such as mass balance to predict the flow of matter within a system.
  3. Qualitatively extrapolate schematic analysis of systems to predict trends in industrial energy flow.
  4. Use the concepts of conservation of energy and irreversible processes to create input-output models and to evaluate the efficiency of systems.

Make sure that you have completed the two assignments for this Module:

Phew! Slower week this week! At least for some of you guys...

There is normally a huge range in the background in Thermodynamics that you guys bring to this course. Anticipating the possibility that some of you may need some extra time to catch up, the number of assignments is smaller. So, if you are a Thermo genius, please be patient as the rest of the class gets a primer on the subject!

I am also expecting that the analysis that I am introducing as part of these assignments is new for everybody. So, if you are among the group of students for whom Thermo is entirely new, you should not worry that your background will affect your score for this module.


Please see complete information in Canvas.