EME 801
Energy Markets, Policy, and Regulation

Course Structure


Course Structure

The Learning Environment

This course will be conducted entirely on the World Wide Web. There are no set class meeting times, but you will be required to complete weekly assignments. Registered students in this course will need to navigate between several environments in the World Wide Web. These include:

  • This site - The instructional materials in this site include 12 lessons, plus this course orientation. Each lesson will cover a specific topic related to energy markets, policy, and regulation.  Some lessons will involve external reading (the readings will either be available in Canvas or through public Internet resources), while others will be largely self-contained in this website.  At the end of each lesson you will need to work through a set of assessment exercises, which may take the form of quizzes, analytical questions, or discussion questions (using the discussion forums on the course Canvas site).
  • Canvas, Penn State's course management system. In Canvas, registered students consult course calendars, communicate with instructors, teaching assistants, and fellow students, submit assignments, receive feedback from the instructor and teaching assistant, take online quizzes and surveys, and check assignment scores and course grades. Note that a link to Canvas appears in the Navigation menu above.
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NOTE: Only students who are registered for this course will have access to the Canvas space for this course. Students who register for this Penn State course gain access to assignments and instructor feedback and earn academic credit.