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Applied Energy Policy

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Quick Facts about EME 803

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  • Instructor - Erich W. Schienke, PhD. Assistant Teaching Professor, John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Co-Chair for the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (Online Masters and Graduate Certificates Program), The Pennsylvania State University.
  • Course Author - Brandi Robinson, Lecturer, John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Dutton e-Education Institute, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University

  • Overview - EME 803 is a required course in the Sustainability Management track of the Master of Professional Studies degree in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems. It can also be taken as an elective for students in other tracks of the program, or as part of a certificate option in Sustainability Management.
  • Learning Environment - This website provides the primary instructional materials for the course. The Resources menu links to important supporting materials, while the Lessons menu links to the course lessons. Canvas, Penn State's course management system, is used to support the delivery of this course as well, as it provides the primary communications, calendaring, and submission tools for the course.
  • Topics of Study - The content of this course is divided into 12 lessons. We will devote one week to each lesson.
Lesson topics
Unit Lesson Title
Foundation 1 History of human energy use
2 American public policy process
3 Energy/environmental legislation landmarks in the U.S.
4 The intersection of policy and energy
Immersion 5 Putting a price on carbon: Understanding our options
6 Putting a price on carbon: Scale and other considerations
7 Which comes first? Innovation or policy implementation?
8 Case studies in innovation
Exploration 9 Global perspectives on climate change and energy policy
10 Revolution and incremental change
11 Challenges and opportunities in the future of energy and climate policy
12 Looking ahead: energy sources, consumption, and legislation


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